Amino Acid or Neurotransmitter Therapy

The limbic part of our brain controls emotions; how we behave, how we react, stress, our thoughts, our mood, it controls flash bulb memory which is then transformed into long term potentiation.  The frontal cortex is involved with gratification postponement, self discipline, long term planning, emotional regulation.  It is the last part of the brain to fully mature, around the age of 25.  Therefore, it’s the least constrained by genes and most influenced by experience. 

Chronic stress affects both the limbic brain and the frontal cortex.  Stress kills neurons in the hippocampus located in the limbic brain and weakens the cables between these neurons, so they can’t communicate between each other.  This impairs the formation and retrieval of long term memory.  The opposite occurs in the amygdala, the part of the limbic brain that controls fear.  Chronic stress causes the hippocampus to atrophy and the amygdala to expand.  The larger amygdala tells us a lot about anxiety disorders.

Now back to the frontal cortex, chronic stress here causes atrophy of neurons and disconnecting circuits also but not to the degree of the hippocampus.  As a result, you make the most idiotic decisions, that at the time seem perfectly logical, meaning it impairs your judgment.  But more relevant to some individuals, this part of the brain evolves around our childhood and early adulthood experiences.  This is very relevant to an person who has grown up in an environment that is abnormal....rejection from a parent or siblings, alcohol abuse in the family, child abuse, loss of a parent, a divorce.  In other words the environment was not a nurturing or loving experience, and yes it can have profound effects on an individual both growing up and later in life.  Amino Acid Therapy makes a world of difference to these individuals to be able to overcome the hurdles of those experiences.

So neuroscientists have had to answer the question; what makes some people and some psyches deal better with stress than others?  The answer is a two pronged approach.  The first is more psychological, how much control do we have over a situation, the second is, believe it or not, the state of our metabolism and biochemistry.  How well do we fuel our bodies with the right nutrients to burn ketones instead of glucose. Glucose damages the neurons, it causes inflammation, free radicals and ramps up the stress response system all over again.  

If you remember from chemistry class we have what is called a blood brain barrier.  Neurotransmitters cannot cross that barrier, however protein broken down to its simplest form, amino acids can.  And amino acids are the precursors to neurotransmitters.  Now the key word in that last sentence is “broken down”.  When we are under chronic stress for prolonged periods of time we produce too many glucocorticoids which are damaging to our mucosal immune system, secretory IgA.  Therefore, our gut becomes damaged, picks up infections and parasites and we are no longer breaking down protein to replete these neurotransmitters.

This is referred to as a Relative Nutritional Deficiency.  No matter how much we eat we cannot keep up with the demand for amino acids to replete these neurotransmitters.  Also, with a compromised gut lining we can’t break down the protein to absorb it well enough either.  Not only does stress, a poor diet and compromised digestion cause depletion but, drugs, both prescribed and illicit, toxins and physical trauma are common causative factors.

This is where amino acid therapy comes in.  There is a long, well documented, history of successful use of Amino Acids for hormonal imbalances, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety and other issues related to brain chemistry imbalances.  

We supplement with specific amino acids, which are the precursors to Serotonin and the Catecholamine’s; Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine and the thiols involved with glutathione, which is the bodies primary antioxidant, to achieve optimal ranges based on specialized laboratory testing.  When this happens it is literally like flipping a light switch, symptoms are significantly reduced or eliminated, from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, OCD to hormone regulation and thyroid issues.  These amino acid programs that we have been successfully implementing are FDA compliant, straightforward medical science.  

Developed by medical doctors and scientists, and clinically proven to be effective. There have been millions of clinical hours of testing as to their safety and efficacy.  We get results without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  Couple this supplementation with correcting nutritional intake, strength resistant exercise, stress management and proper sleep and you will repair and replete these metabolic pathways and body systems to become healthy both physically, mentally and spiritually to live the life you want to live.