This is what I refer to as the walking wounded

Many times people wait too long and begin to have major problems with their health.  This is when I see people for mild depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD, OCD, PTSD, Alzheimer's and many other stress response imbalances.  Sometimes before these issues occur we experience fatigue, where we might be getting tired around the afternoon hour and we think if we just eat some sugary snack or drink and energy drink with caffeine or gulp down soda we are okay again.  Now really stop and think for a minute is that really a good idea and if we didn't do that would we be nodding off for a while.  Our body is telling us something is not normal, we are physiologically out of homeostatic balance.  Yet often times we ignore those signals, WHY?  Most of the time we think this is just normal aging, because everybody else feels that way.   It's not normal or should I say we are not designed to be that way.  

What about slow weight gain that no matter what fad diet you try it might work for a while but then you gain it right back.  Again why are you gaining this weight to begin with, that's the question you should be asking yourself.  And what about stress?  Now when you are taxed at work or school all of the sudden you are easily agitated, or become too emotional when a situation arises.  Basically you are not handling stressful situations very well.  Yes we all get a little taxed now and then but we deal well with it and move on.  But what if we aren't.  Then again you have to ask yourself why is this happening.

If we could come to the realization that the things I have been talking about are not normal and its time to address them before things get worse, then you will have done yourself a huge favor.  Conventional medicine does not address this at all, why because they are trained to treat pathology.  But these things are the precursors to that long debilitating road that left unaddressed lead to major issues.  

You will begin to understand that the brain controls what occurs throughout the body.  Acute stress is very healthy, however chronic stress will begin to cause wear and tear throughout the body.  Most every disease is either caused by or made worse by stress to the body.  You are much better off correcting these problems now and not put them off as "well everyone is like this, so it's just normal, right?".  No it's not natural, it might be normal because of our lifestyle habits, however it can be corrected and the earlier you repair these imbalances the better your health will be in the long haul.  What I am trying to say is "listen to your body", be proactive, learn, be educated, correct your lifestyle; proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and proper sleep along with correcting the imbalances now before they turn into something bigger like cancer, CVD, high blood pressure and diabetes.  

21-dietary matrix.png

If I had to pick the worst problem in lifestyle habits, hands down it would be proper nutrition.  We have been trained for the last fifty years that a low fat high carb diet is the best.  That scenario couldn't be more wrong, it has led to the majority of health problems we see today.  It leads to what I refer to as "the four horseman"; insulin resistance, inflammation, are  radicals and glutathione collapse.  Most of you will have one or more of these physiological phenomena's, none of which are good.  I look at nutrition through a metabolic and biochemical lens.  What portion of carbs, protein and fat and we hard wired to process, certainly not what we are consuming today a high glucose low fat diet.

That's what we do here at Essential Health, we educate you so you understand how your body reacts when not given the proper lifestyle, and above all else we correct these imbalances now and get you on the right path.  A path to a healthier YOU to sustain a vibrant and healthy body and mind.  Come join us and make an appointment and start on that path.