Certain fats are essential because the body cannot make them...

  1. They must be obtained from food or supplements
  2. They are required for normal tissue, organ, gland and brain function
  3. Deficiencies result in inflammation and connective tissue damage
  4. They are required during pregnancy for the health and development of the babies brain 
  5. Most people are deficient in them from eating a carbolic diet

What are the two essential fatty acids

Omega 3 - alpha-linolenic acid

The derivatives are EPA and DHA. DHA is the major brain omega-3.  They are found in high fat and cold water fish

Omega 6 - linoleum acid

The derivatives are GLA, found in evening primrose oil, DGLA, found in mother's milk and AA, found in meat, eggs, dairy products and fish

What are the benefits


Energy Production:  When the body is adapted to burning fat versus glucose we are able to tap into vast stores of k/calories of energy 40,000 to 60,000 versus about 1,300 - 2,000 k/cal. of glucose.  A major advantage.  Also fat or ketones is a much cleaner burning fuel.  When we burn glucose we generate inflammation, use 20-30% more oxygen and produce an abundance of free radicals which accelerate aging.

Brain Function:  The human brain when fueled predominately from ketones does not activate the stress response system therefore keeping cortisol in a normal range.  When cortisol becomes chronically elevated it starts to deplete neurotransmitters and damage and kill neurons. This predominately happens in the hippocampus which is highly dependent on the dopamine pathway.  Dopamine controls pleasure, mood, motivation and short term memory.  Dopamine then converts to norepinephrine which converts to Acetyl CoA the precursor to the steroidal hormones.  The steroidal hormones include progesterone, the estrogens, and testosterone, i.e. the sex hormones.  When we burn out this pathway we have not only brain issues but low sex drive.  

Skin, Hair and Nails:  EFA's promote healthy and shiny hair, normal nail growth and smooth skin

Weight Management:  Fat burns fat.  The three important fats are matured, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.  Glucose triggers insulin to drive it into tissue the remainder is converted from the liver into matured fat txt goes into blood plasma and then shuttled into adipose tissue of body fat.

Bone Minerals:  Omega-3 improves bone mineral retention, thereby inhibiting the development of osteoporosis