In our last post we touched on the subject of erectile dysfunction and how it works.  Today lets start a conversation on how to start to bring our bodies back in balance so that doesn't happen to you.  

The foundation is the fuel we burn in our cells, namely the mitochondria, that produces energy.  If you have ever had a pile of leaves and set it on fire you would see a burst of flames and then it would quickly burn out.  Okay now relate that to eating tons of carbs all day long.  You get this burst of glucose or energy but it doesn't last long then you are tired and hungry again and looking to refuel.  Now one more caveat because you are solely burning glucose when that drop hits you go into hypoglycemia and the body needs to pump out glucocorticoids to raise the glucose level back to normal.

Don't be mistaken glucocorticoids are essential to the body but too much of them wreaks havoc in the brain.  Namely the limbic area and the medial pre frontal cortex.  Both areas are involved in mood, emotions, cognitive thinking, and pleasure just to name a few.  The glucocorticoids start to knock out the function of the neurons in those areas of the brain.  We'll elaborate on this more, but for now you start to see that glucose is not the normal source of energy the body and especially the brain needs to operate.

Did you ever use an old fashion lantern that burns oil?  It burns long and steady.  Okay that's what we want the body to burn, a long steady fuel.  That fuel is called ketones.  You can read more about this in the website.  So our nutritional intake should be healthy fats and oils predominately, about 70%.  Then we need protein to repair tissue, that's about 20% and yes carbs are the lowest about 10%.  Now take a moment and think about your diet.....lots of carbs right??  Start switching your diet this way and you will be amazed at how you feel.  Sign in to get info about this.