Every day I come across someone who desperately wants to lose weight.  And yes they have tried every diet out there.  You now the Mediterranean Diet, The South Beach Diet, etc, etc, etc.  It works at first then you get frustrated and quit because the results stall.  Or you've tried the diet pills or herbs or whatever is the latest internet craze.  Oh and don't forget the gym membership to go crazy on the exercise route.  Hmmmm this doesn't sound too promising, right??

Now what if you understood how the bodies chemistry works so you would not only know how to lose weight or should I say be the correct weight for your body frame, but also know how to stay that way.  Lately we have heard of the low carb high fat diet and seen some pretty good results, right?  But did you wonder why this works and what are the real benefits to fueling the body this way.  

Okay noticed I used the word "fuel".  The body produces energy all day long via the nutrients it absorbs from the food you eat.  Now there are a couple of caveats here....first you need to have a gut that is working correctly to breakdown and absorb those nutrients.  Second you need to be in a state, biochemically, that is burning predominately ketones, AKA fat, for fuel and be able to switch to burning glucose for a bust of quick energy demands.  We also need a liver to remove not only the metabolic waste produced by the body but also the toxins that are in our environment.  So as you can see this is a three pronged approach, remember the body operates as a whole unit, not systems running rouge on their own.

In a series of posts I'm going to go into detail on how all this works and why just concentrating on losing weight is really a byproduct of a much bigger picture and one that when you learn it, you'll be surprised because it's going to change much more than you just losing weight.