With more than 30 million men currently experiencing erectile dysfunction why havn't drugs like Cialis and Viagra solved the problem.  Or stated another way, are drugs the answer to many of the growing health problems american's face today.  Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that drugs for chronic disorders are not the answer.  So let's really delve into what is driving this common problem and what are the downstream effects mentally on a man suffering with this issue.

We all are living and working in some level of a stressful environment.  We are pressured at work to take on more projects, we come home to a family that demands our time and slowly we are wearing our bodies out.  How much time are we setting aside for ourselves to really enjoy life, hmm probably not much.  

The human bodies biology and biochemistry to run in an optimized state requires one simple platform.....balance.  Every system in the body runs through it's phases of catabolic and anabolic states throughout a 24 hour cycle.  So what happens when we push the limits?  We have all heard of the fight or flight state, better known as the stress response system.  It is an inherent survival system, without it we would cease too exist.  A bear is chasing you in the woods and you mobilize  your body to either run or prepare to fight, right, makes perfect sense.  When this happens the body releases what's called glucocorticoids.  It prepares us to shut down all the non essentials, like growth, digestion, and yes, why would we even think of having sex at a time like this!!  Instead  we shunt glucose to the muscles to act, we speed up the heart, we optimize the lungs, etc.  

Okay, now under normal and I stress the word normal, this is not a situation we would find ourselves in on a regular basis, right?  But actually we are putting ourselves in this state, not as severe, but on a never ending basis.  Was the human body biologically set up for this, NO!  Get were I'm going....we are putting ourselves in this chronic state of activating the stress response system none stop.  Meaning we are activating the sympathetic nervous system more than we should be.  

Back to the ED problem.  How does that work, well believe it or not to have an erection you have to start out in the parasympathetic mode first, then what brings about the erection is shifting to sympathetic mode.  So if your always running in the sympathetic mode by driving that stress system and pumping out tons of glucocorticoids well guess what, it ain't gonna happen.  That's the body doing just what it was designed to do, forget the non essential junk, we gotta prepare to get outta a situation.  You see it's not a drug problem it's an imbalance within the autonomic nervous system driven by a stressor to the body....we've knocked ourselves out of balance.  Believe it or not it's as simple as that.  Know the answer is how do we get out of this mess,  ehh that takes some knowledge of biochemistry and how the brain works, yes I said brain.  Stay in touch and I will elaborate on that subject in the next posts.  Don't stress your self out.