Benefits to the athlete....or the average person who wants their body to operate at peak performance 

To be an elite athlete whether you are professional, amateur, collegiate, high school or just like to compete you have to fine tune the entire body from the brain, the gut, your metabolism to rest and recovery.  With this formula will you perform at your optimal and be in the best of health.  Many Sports Trainers and Nutritionists have been leading athletes down the wrong path of carb loading for energy, unfortunately are bodies were never designed that way.  Not only does card loading exacerbate insulin resistance, it locks the body into a dependance for burning carbs for fuel.  The body is not designed to promptly switch to burning fat when the carbs run out, even though you have 10 times the amount of calories available for fat fuel burning.  In essence you can't just flip a switch and we all know what happens when you run out of the carbs you hit the wall.  With fat or ketones being the predominant fuel source you become bonk proof.  Even a lean athlete can run 50 + miles on his or her fat stores alone with depleted carb stores if the body is operating on ketones as the main source of fuel.

Our bodies were designed to be metabolically flexible to burn fat as fuel for endurance then strategically use carbs for additional high performance.  The key is knowing your glycogen demand for the athletic event you are participating in. In this way you are able to take advantage of the perks of metabolic ketosis AND glycolysis simultaneously.  In other words you are able to switch and mix your fuel source when needed.  

There are many health benefits to a Low Carb Healthy Fat diet.

The second issue caused by these carb loading diets stressing the body with glucose is a stress response system that has been chronically activated causing a Relative Nutritional Deficiency affecting the limbic part of the brain dealing with learning and memory to cognition, motivation and mood.  If you want to be at the top of your game then you need motivation to be in full gear to train and a fast clear thinking brain to process information and adapt far faster than your opponent.  Many times it comes down to mental acuity and toughness to be the winner.  I've seen many athletes who are physically at the top of their game but fall apart and loose due to their mental state.  That's a fine line that separates a great athlete from a superior athlete.  

Third is a gut that is fully optimized to absorb, breakdown and utilize all the nutrition it takes in.  The gut becomes damaged from inflammation from processing and burning to much glucose.  It becomes ripe to picking up bacterial infections and parasites that conventional doctors never test for yet we see them all the time.  What good is your intake of fuel if you can't utilize it to its fullest.  

Lastly it is recovery and rest.  When we sleep the body is in full repair mode, cut that process short a couple days in a row and you compromise your immune system by 50%.  Being metabolically flexible increases your rate of recovery.  

Keto - adaptation is a science based program with proven results from many elite athletes who have chosen to go back to the natural way our bodies were designed to utilize fuel for energy.  Read the FASTER study that was completed in 2015.  This is not some "new" science or fad diet like most sports nutritionists would like you to believe.  Humans have existed in this state for thousands of years until more recently with the advent of commercial agriculture.  We ARE biochemically designed to burn fat as our main source of fuel.