Client Consultation Fees and Policies

Consultation fees:

Initial Consultation:                        $350.00  (1 hour)
Initial Consultation for Couples      $400.00  (1 hour)

Peak Human Performance Program:

This program is designed to maximize human performance in both the brain and body.  It centers around 3 main body systems:

First: the limbic part of the brain which controls emotions, pleasure, cognition, short term memory, long term potentiation and is the core area of the brain responsible for depression, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, ADD, PTSD, Alzheimer's, and also the autonomic nervous system dealing with the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, etc. (neuroendocrine)

Second: the digestive system that digest, assimilates and utilizes nutrition to feed every cell in the body to produce ATP, or energy for the brain and body to function (the brain utilizes 25% of our energy resources).

Third: the detoxification system that cleans and removes both metabolic toxins as well as near toxins that damage the neurons and cells in the body and create free radicals (unpaired electrons that destroy the function of a cell).

Becoming Metabolically Flexible Keto Adapted Program of the key benefits is lean body composition

This program consists of 5 - 1 hour live internet sessions (1 per week). This program is offered at certain times in a closed group setting (25 people maximum). 
It is a combination coaching/education program

This is NOT a DIET program or an exercise program.  This is a science based program to put your body in a state of metabolic flexibility when it comes to burning fuel.  It allows your body to biochemically tap an enormous fuel reserve that you cannot get to if you are predominately burning glucose for fuel.   We are teaching you how to biohack your metabolism.  Your body will not only settle to it's lean weight without exercising but will remain there.  The internal affects are reducing free radicals, inflammation, aging, brain fog, and a host of others neural issues.  It is the foundation that the Peak Human Performance program is based on.  


Phone Consultations:

  • How does a phone consultation work?

Essential Health Wellness works with clients primarily over the phone because the health programs we design are based on the results of lab tests that can easily be done in your home. The types of tests that Dr. Juliano uses are stool, blood, or urine samples.  Dr. Juliano bases her health programs on lab tests that assess the function of the three body systems: hormones/neurotransmitters, digestion and detoxification.

During your initial phone consultation Dr. Juliano will review your personal and family health history and make recommendations for lab tests that are appropriate for your specific health issues.  She will also explain our 6 month program to optimize your mind and body.

  • You will be contacted at the number you provided at the specified time.  Please be aware of the time and have your line available
  • If there is no answer we will attempt to contact you one more time 5 minutes later
  • A credit card MUST be on file for all phone consultations
  • You will receive notification of your appointment with an e-mail and/or text message as a reminder


  • Payment is due at the time of the consultation
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex and check (only for in office visits)

Appointments: How to get started

  • The first step is to fill out the New Patient Paperwork which is a downloadable PDF form located in the footer section of any page.  You will need the current version of Adobe Reader XI, then email the completed form to:  Or you can physically fill the form out and mail it directly to our main office                                       ESSENTIAL HEALTH WELLNESS     5840 South Grant Street, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521                                                                                           
  • If you prefer, we can email you the forms. Call us at 630.280.5316
  • The second step is to schedule an appointment: you can use our online scheduler located in the footer section of any page or call our office direct 630.280.5316   Please allow Dr. Juliano 2-3 business days to review your paperwork prior to your scheduled initial consult
  • 24 Hours is appreciated for cancellations or rescheduling.  We have a three strike policy as we understand emergencies may arise, after that the cost of the scheduled appointment may be charged

Nutraceuticals or Supplements

  • The supplements we use are sold to practitioners only because they are the purest pharmaceutical grade and the potency is guaranteed,  These products have been lab tested for their effectiveness.  This is why we do not recommend you substitute for local health food store brands.  This way we can be assured of consistent results.
  • PRE-APPROVAL is required on ALL RETURNS
  • Refrigerated items cannot be returned
  • Special order items cannot be returned
  • 15% restock fee of purchase price less shipping and handling may be refunded on unopened items
  • No supplement returns will be accepted after 30 days on all regularly stocked items
  • Any authorized return will be issued as a credit only.


  • Dr. Juliano, DN, ND, CNC is not an MD or DO (medical physician).  If you are seeking a medical diagnosis to a specific disease or illness you need to see an MD.
  • If this is a medical emergency you need to call 911 or go to your local emergency room or see your primary physician.  We do not handle medical emergencies.