Are you frustrated with conventional medicine and doctors not being able to spend quality time with you to listen to what you are experiencing?

Wanting long term results not prescriptions that simply quell symptoms...... learn and understand what biochemically is going on in your body that got you to this point?

Tired of being told this is something you'll just have to deal with for the rest of your life?

This is why I do this work, because you and I both know that the body just doesn't break down for no reason at all.  Regardless of what issue you have there is a systematic way the body deals with homeostatic balance.  The Stress Response System is run by the control and command center, the brain.  The body does not malfunction in isolation rather by stressors that overwhelm the body and knock the command and control center out of balance.  The main stressors to the body are nutritional, emotional, environmental and hidden inflammation.

It's all about biochemistry 

Each of us are uniquely different and the standard one size fits all is ridiculous.  No two peoples biochemistry is the same.  This is why we test your biochemistry through specialized organic acid, amino acid, and PCR stool testing to get a road map of what body systems are in dysfunction, namely the limbic part of the brain, the digestive system and the detoxification system and put together specific protocols, nutrition and lifestyle changes that reclaim your health, rebalance body systems and replete Relative Nutritional Deficiencies that are driving your issues.  

Who I Work With

If you are looking for an expert in the field of the "Stress Response System" health care professional with the knowledge, education and experience to provide effective protocols and recommendations, I'm the practitioner for you

I can help people who are new to functional medicine or people who have done some homework on the principles of the Stress Response System and Relative Nutritional Deficiencies and how it affects your overall health.  I work with clients all over the country via go to meeting and phone consultations.

My speciality includes the following health concerns:

  • depression
  • ADHD
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • anxiety / panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • fatigue
  • Alzheimer's
  • female hormone imbalances
  • thyroid dysfunction / adrenal fatigue
  • blood sugar dysregulation
    • diabetes and pre diabetes
    • high / low blood pressure
  • digestive disorders
    • IBS
    • SIBO
    • ulcerative colitis
    • Crohn's
    • autoimmune disorders

Ready To Build Your Body To Peak Performance?

If you've decided that I'm the right practitioner to help you regain your health and move to a body that is tapping it's peak performance then I look forward to assisting you in your journey.

Start by filling out the New Patient Paperwork and scheduling your initial consultation or scheduling a complimentary 15 minute informational consult.


  • A Comprehensive Initial Consultation (1 hour).  During your first visit to Essential Health Wellness, Dr. Juliano will cover your complete health history.  Where you are today and what your health goals are.  What you have tried in the past that has helped or not helped.  This visit is primarily an information gathering and sharing session.  I will explain how and why your chronic issues are driven by biochemical imbalances centered in the brain and educate you on how the body becomes "stressed" by your lifestyle choices.   I will also inform you about specific tests that will give me your biochemical status so that the plan will be tailored to YOU.  This is all science based with over 20 years of clinical research with 3.1 million patient days.   This is NOT a permanent program based on therapeutics....when we have obtained function in the three core body systems along with lifestyle changes then you are done.  Most clients continue with a small maintenance program, the same as what I do, and testing usually once a year to check and maintain your peak performance.  I leave that option up to each individual.
  • Follow Up Private Consultations.  Following your initial consultation, I offer two plans; one is a 6 month concierge plan (The Peak Performance Membership Plan) the other is a group 5 week foundational plan for those who may just want an introduction to the work I do.  The Peak Performance Plan is an in-depth 6 month plan for those who are serious about regaining their health and optimizing their mind and body.  The 5 week group plan sets the foundation to nutrition and lifestyle that is the mainstay of a healthy person.  Chronic health issues and sub-optimal lifestyle habits take a while to develop.  Three to six months is a relatively brief time frame to expect to have complete resolution.  It's important that we meet regularly to make adjustments and keep you flowing smoothly through your transformation to health and long term goals.  
  • Easy-to-follow-protocols.   You won't be overwhelmed with too many recommendations.  We will focus on the changes that will yield you the best results in a timely manner and prevent a common problem too many holistic practitioners make with their patients - too many changes leading to complete overwhelm and lack of ability to follow through!
  • A word on supplements.   We use only professional grade supplements.  Don't waste your money on cheap supplements that you can purchase at discount houses or your typical local store.  Supplements are an integral part of your treatment.  You can waste a lot of time and money on sub par supplements and they can be outright dangerous with many being synthetic or not even having the amount listed on the bottle.  Our Amino Acid Therapy protocol requires not only the nutrients but needed co-factors that are crucial.  You can turn a nutrient into a drug with improper knowledge and usage.  You'll learn the right nutrients your body needs to repair and replete and get rid of the ones that are doing you no good or worse hindering your recovery - no use wasting your money.
  • Long term blueprint.  This is as much about regaining your health as it is about knowledge and education.  I have found that when my clients understand how their biochemistry works in conjunction with their lifestyle then it becomes easy for you to remain healthy.  Their are five key pillars to sustained health; the brain, the gut, nutrition, exercise and proper sleep.  When the brain is firing and there are plenty of neurotransmitters the bodies stress response system is working seamlessly.  When the gut, the distribution center of the body, is free of infections and inflammation we are fueling every cell, tissue and organ to its fullest.  When we fuel the gut with what it was designed to burn we are not stressing our systems.  This is not eating weird foods or juicing or doing crazy stuff, on the contrary its understanding nutrition from a metabolic and biochemical perspective.  Strength training exercise is the most beneficial.  I have never belonged to a gym or do hours a week of exercise yet my body is lean and toned and has 12% body fat, yea I look pretty darn good yet I have no exercise routine and fancy equipment.  Lastly a good nights solid sleep day in and day out is paramount.  Many of you may not even be able to do that right now, that will change.  When we are finished your body will have mastered all five pillars.    

The clients who get the most out of what I do have a few things in common.....

  • You are open to new ideas
  • You make decisions for the long term
  • You are person of action, and are ready to make a real investment in your health and wellbeing
  • You are committed to making the changes in nutrition and lifestyle that contributed to your issues
  • You would love to have accountability and support, but not rigidity and black and white rules

If one of these things are missing then I'm not the right person for you

You should not work with me if:

  • You're not willing or ready to invest any significant time, effort and/or money in addressing your health and wellness issues
  • You don't think your diet plays an important role in your overall mental and physical health
  • If you had to choose, you'd rather look good than feel good, be honest! 

With so many practitioners out there, why work with me?

What we are doing today is better than what we did six months ago and what we will be doing in the future will be better than what we are doing today.  That has always been my philosophy.  I have always been one that wants to learn and educate myself not only from research but from my clients.  We can always do better.  

Working closely with my clients means listening to them, I find that is the biggest problem today in medicine and one that is the most important.  Health, wellbeing and goals are what is important to you, my job is to do just that, serve you the client.  

This experience should be one that empowers you physically, mentally and spiritually to live the life you able to do the things you love to do and above all enjoy life! 

Please refer to pricing and polices for further information